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Social Studies

About the Social Studies Department

Great Falls Academy offers students several Social Studies courses including U.S. History I and II, World History, and Personal Finance/Economics.  Courses tie current events to lesson plans; educating students on events happening in the world today, and how it affects them.  Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art projection systems and sound for watching historical documentaries, news stories, and interviews of successful entrepreneurs.  Students become immersed in a multimedia tour de force of educational instruction.

As a supplement to the curriculum, Great Falls Academy has a partnership with the "Street Law" program of Rutgers University Law School.  Students are given the opportunity to meet with a law school student once a week and discuss how the law applies to our every-day lives.  Hypothetical situations are posed by the law student for students to contemplate, and the legality of the issue is then discussed as a class.

In Personal Finance, students learn how to budget money, career choices, and goal setting for high school, college, and beyond.  Students learn how to write resumes, apply for jobs, and prepare for professional interviews.  With these lessons under their belts, students can graduate from Great Falls Academy with the knowledge and confidence to enter colleges, trade schools, and the global workforce. 

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About the Teachers


Ms. Little teaches U.S. I and World History.  After graduating from Montclair State University with a B.A. in History, she began working in the Paterson Public School District in 1999.  Today Ms. Little instructs at Great Falls Academy, teaching students how history unravels and the impact it makes on their every day lives.  In 2010, Ms. Little reached out to the National Street Law program in Washington D.C. and pioneered the partnership between Rutgers Law School and Great Falls Academy.  As a result, GFA students now have access to college law students for open discussion forums on current legality issues.